Dr. David Zagzag

Dr. David Zagzag is one of the most prominent neuropathologist in the industry. His commitment to helping others started at a very early age. When he was just 16 his older brother took him to a medical library where he was instantly captivated by medicine and research. It was amazing to David how far the world had come in their pursuit of medical research and how far they still had to go. He knew that he wanted to do his part to contribute to better therapies for people affected with brain tumors. His path to a life of medicine had begun.

This website will provide Dr. Zagzag to share some of the lessons he has learned throughout a storied career. The blog will be regularly updated with information that may prove useful to everyone from people who are considering a career in medicine to people who have a loved one recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Before diving into the blog, it’s important to learn a bit more about Dr. David Zagzag.

Dr. David Zagzag’s Education History

Dr. Zagzag started his path to becoming a neuropathologist at Lariboisiere-Saint-Louis School of Medicine in Paris, France. After earning his Doctor of Medicine at Lariboisiere-Saint-Louis School of Medicine, he moved to Montreal, Canada to attend McGill University where he earned his Ph.D. in neurology and neurosurgery. While at McGill, he decided that he would devote his career to tumors of the brain. The early 90’s brought Dr. Zagzag to the United States where he earned the following licenses and certifications:


  • 1991 New York State Medical License, Certificate Number: 188595
  • 1993 American Board of Pathology, Certification in Anatomic Pathology
  • 1993 American Board of Pathology, Certification in Neuropathology

Dr. David Zagzag’s Career

When Dr. David Zagzag made it to New York, it became quite clear that this was the city where he would dedicate his life to the pursuit of medical research and helping patients in need. Below are just a few of the positions Dr. Zagzag has held over his career.

  • NYU Langone Health for the past 32 years
  • Chief of Division of Neuropathology 2007 – Present
  • Director of Human Brain Tumor Bank 1996 – Present
  • Director of Microvascular and Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory 1997 – Present
  • Professor of Pathology, Professor of Neurosurgery 2010 – Present · 12 years 2 months

New York University Grossman School of Medicine

Dr. David Zagzag has also published more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles. During his five years as Chair of the Professional Advisory Board for Children Brain Tumors, he was allowed to control what grants were funded to drive research forward and provide children with brain tumors a better chance at not only surviving but leading a long and healthy life. He has been driven for more than thirty years to help other medical professionals provide better care for their patients. His passion has also led him to teach the next generation of healthcare professionals. As a Professor, Dr. Zagzag enjoys the challenge of molding the future of the healthcare industry. Experiencing the passion that students have for their studies is something that Dr. Zagzag is continually inspired by.

Dr. David Zagzag Now

David Zagzag, MD, Ph.D. is a professor of Pathology and Neurosurgery at NYU Langone Health in Manhattan, New York. It is one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers devoted to patient care, education and research. At NYU, Dr. Zagzag teaches medical students, is training residents and fellows, and mentors Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. graduate students.

After obtaining his M.D. at Lariboisiere-Saint-Louis School of Medicine in Paris in 1984, Dr. Zagzag obtained a Ph.D. in Neurology and Neurosurgery from McGill University in Montreal in 1988. At NYU Langone Health, he completed a Surgical Pathology residency in 1990, a Neuropathology fellowship in 1992 and a postdoctoral training fellowship in the Department of Cell Biology in 1993.

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Zagzag specializes in Neuropathology and is Board Certified in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology. He serves as the Chief of the Division of Neuropathology and is the Director of the Human Brain Tumor Bank at NYU Langone Health. The clinical laboratory accessions more than 1,900 neurological specimens per year, including over 550 tumors cases that range from stereotaxic biopsies to gross resections, as well as many infectious and epileptic cases.

Dr. Zagzag is the Director of the Microvascular and Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, a basic and translational research lab where research seeks to elucidate the expression patterns, trigger mechanisms, pathophysiological and molecular mechanisms implicated in glioma progression especially as it relates to hypoxia, tumor microenvironment, vascular regression, angiogenesis and invasion. The laboratory also aims to investigate novel genetic and molecular mechanisms implicated in Chordomas and linked to von Hippel-Lindau disease, in which highly-vascularized tumors develop throughout the body. His long-term goal is to discover new therapeutic approaches that would improve survival outcomes in patients with brain tumors. His efforts have been supported by various grants, including from the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, the Goldhirsh Foundation, the Elsa Pardee Foundation, the Making Headway Foundation, the Musella Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the National Institutes of Health. The ongoing research in Dr. Zagzag’s Laboratory is funded by the VHL Alliance, the Bergman Family Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. He has written over 250 peer-reviewed journal articles, reviews, several book chapters and edited a book on the molecular diagnosis of brain tumors. He is affiliated with the World Health Organization, the American Association of Neuropathologists, and the Society for Neuro-Oncology.

Dr. Zagzag has served as an expert scientific advisor for the boards of several brain tumor foundations such as the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation and is the current Chair of the Professional Advisory Board of the Gli-Hope Foundation. He also served on the Awards Committee and Program Committee of the American Association of Neuropathologists, and was a permanent member and co-chairman of the American Cancer Society study section. In addition, Dr. Zagzag has been invited to serve as a reviewer for the National Institutes of Health study sections, and sits on the editorial advisory board of several renowned scientific journals.

Dr. Zagzag has also received numerous awards as an outstanding physician-scientist, including the Lucien J. Rubinstein Award in Neuro-Oncology (American Association of Neuropathologists), the Award for Excellence in Clinical Science (Society for Neuro-Oncology) and the Pioneer Award for Pediatric Neuropathology. Dr. Zagzag is an internationally known pioneer that has received numerous invitations to lecture at distinguished universities in the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. He has earned the NYU Grossman School of Medicine Teacher of the Year Award in 2005 and 2008, and the NYU All University Distinguished Teaching Award in 2010. Dr. Zagzag was recently showcased on the famous Reuters Billboard in Times Square in New York City. He is fluent in English and French. In his spare time, David enjoys family activities and antiques.

Dr. Zagzag in Media:

Dr. Zagzag is often called upon to share his medical expertise. In the videos below, you will get a better understanding of his work and also learn more about his storied career.

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Future blog posts will touch on everything from Dr. Zagzag discussing the latest breakthroughs in brain tumor treatment to how people can get proactive about their neurohealth. Be sure to check back often for the latest news and information from Dr. David Zagzag.